Editing Portfolio

In addition to the work I perform privately and for standing clients, I work through three online job boards. You can see my work history there at these links:

What you WON’T find here is samples of my editing work. Why not?

  1. Most of the time I’m working uncredited, sort of a “ghost editor.”
  2. While looking at a finished product or “after” version is helpful, it doesn’t show the true scope of work that was involved. That requires comparison to the “before” version, and most clients don’t want those shared. I’m betting once you think about that a second, you’ll feel the same way.

For projects of book length, I always am willing to edit a short sample free of charge to prove my skill and make sure we are on the same wavelength.

Here are some of the projects I have completed. They do not include anything privately contracted, under a nondisclosure agreement or from the defunct Elance job board.

Edit 50-Page Self-Help Workbook (U), March 2017

Recipe copy editing: We are hiring U.S.-based freelance recipe copy editors to help get our 100,000 recipes in tip-top shape for the U.S. launch of www.eatsmarter.de, working remotely in our cloud-based application (G), March-October 2016

EDIT TRAINING CATALOG – WORD FILE: Looking for a professional editor to proofread and edit the attached Word document; each page is a separate training course we offer (G), January 2016

Proofread Ebook (F), January 2016

Proofreading: Novel manuscript, erotic thriller, 65,144 words (G), September 2015

Copy edit and proofreading, 90 pp guide (G), September 2015

Manuscript Edit Required #1 and #2: 32,000-word non-fiction (memoir/self-help) manuscript that requires editing and partial manuscript (8,500 words) that needs to be edited (G), July-August 2015

Finance Book Editing: Prefer someone with a finance, economics or accounting background to review a 40,000-word finance book (G), July 2015

Paranormal romance for Amazon Kindle (F), June 2015

Edit a Scientific Manuscript (4687 words): Basic editing of a biomedical scientific manuscript concerning relaxation therapy for depression (F), June 2015

Korrekturlesen: Proofreading job of an English document with 4,670 words in cultural or touristic promotion (F), June 2015

Proofreading. Need American native English. 22,300 words: 3 texts that were translated from Spanish into English (F), May 2015

Proof Read Blog Posts (F), May 2015

50-Page Report Proofreading/Review Job (F), April 2015

Editar algo Philosophy & Math: I´m writing a book about mathematical bases like base 2, base 10, base 16 and base 20. The total word count by now is around 30,000 words. The idea is to make the text as simple and understandable as possible for everybody. The book starts counting with our fingers, some history of numerical systems, general computer analysis (how it works) and what we can expect, then Mayan astronomy, geometry and some theories like Planck scale to place it all together (F), March 2015

Copy Editor for an Erotic Fiction Novel – 67,000 Words: It’s an erotic novel about a man going through an existential crisis and transforming himself and his relationships as a result (F), March 2015

Proofread & Edit Book: I need to have one book on real estate investing proofread and edited to increase readability and professionalism, about 20,000 words (F), February 2015

Proofread Cloud Computing Document (F), December 2014

Proofreading: Chimu Adventures’ Latin America brochure, 144 pages (F), December 2014

Proofread a research plan: 6,874 words (F), September 2014

Proofread the contents of a website: I would need someone to proofread some additional content that I plan to add to my website for US English. Correct the spelling and grammar mistakes, correct style, validate the choice of words (replace the uncommon ones with more common ones etc.), preferably check also for consistency (the same words used when referring to the same thing (F), September 2014

IMA Blog Review: With our website going live, we are retroactively going back and proofreading all of our previous blog entries; often we are in-country and write these entries very quickly (F), August 2014

Edit and Proofread Copy for Elijah the Prophet (F), July-August 2014

Proofreading/Editing Content for New Website (F), July 2014

Short Story – The Family Reunion: Looking for professional stylistic and content editing of a short story that I’ve written, 6,738 words total (F), July 2014

Proofread Novella – Forced Confession (F), April 2014

I need a chapter of a short book proofread: The subject matter is investing in mutual funds. The chapter is about 2,200 words. I don’t want a spelling check. I would like someone who can suggest better English in the paragraphs. Someone that could suggest a better sentence, or a better way of putting something (F), April 2014

Proofreading My Next Novel (F), April 2014

Edit Something: It is a 15,000-word children’s chapter book (F), March 2014

Proofread a Gay BDSM Erotic Story: I need a proofreader to review and correct errors in a short story involving gay BDSM material, about 11,000 words (F), February 2014

Proofreading – words: 1,100 words – academic writing (F), January 2014

Editor for small biz Holland (F), 2014

Proofread 30,870 word web copy in MS Word: This website is for a spiritual group and we talk about Out-of-Body Travel in order to find Self and God Realization. This is not astral projection but Tuza or Soul Travel (F), December 2013

Content (story) editor for Erotic Romance short story: Project is a 10,000-word short story. I don’t need it proofread, just an overall critique of the story line and content (F), December 2013

Copyeditor/proofer for erotic romance novella: I am looking for a copyeditor/proofer for a 22,500-word erotic romance novella. This project has already been edited, however, it has come to my attention that the editing was of subpar quality (F), November 2013

Erotic Romance Copyeditor/Proofreader: The first part is for the person selected to go through an already published e-book of mine (39,000 words) and look for grammar errors, etc. I’m already nearly done the sequel of this particular book so no major changes can occur other than finding the off typo etc. I have received a couple of reviews stating there were some typos to be found, which is unacceptable, and I need you familiar with the story so you won’t be going into the series blind. Part two is for book two of the series, 35k-40k. I will be looking for a more thorough editing (copyediting if you will) of this book. Grammar/typos/sentence structure are the priority, but at the same time if you see plot issues etc. please don’t hesitate to tell me (F), September 2013

Chimu Adventures Antarctica Brochure: We are in the final stages of producing a 44-page brochure on Antarctica and require a fresh set of eyes to proofread the content immediately. Please contact us if you have strong attention to detail and a keen eye for spotting mistakes (F), July 2013

Thesis Theory Part: The introductory and theoretical part of my thesis need some proofreading, about 7,600 words (F), July 2013

Edit as Discussed: Report at 4,000 words (F), June 2013

Proofread English Text: Looking for someone who’s great in English grammar and proofreading; about 3500 words of website content (F), June 2013

Edit a 1000-word powerful short essay (F), March 2013

English Academic Proofreading and Editing (Ph.D. dissertation in political science) (F), March 2013

Editing Website Wording: We have raw text file, we need to change the wording and make it more professional; roughly 30 pages in UK English or Australian (F), February 2013

Proofreading of a theoretical article on sociology: Make English impeccable in my theoretical manuscript. The rather conceptual and often even complex text belongs to sociology – more specifically to organizational institutionalism and to environmental sociology. With references, the length of the whole text is about 10,500 words (F), February 2013

English native speaker – improve style of a 10.000 word DE>EN translation (F), February 2013

Fellowship Essay Review (3 essays): Document review of 3 scholarship essays (F), January 2013

Proofreading and correction of an English text for USA market: I’m looking for a proofreader exclusively American (USA) that will review and correct a text of 4900 words (F), November 2012

Text corrections for English website (native English speaker): We need a native English speaker to create/edit/correct/rewrite text on a small website; financial knowledge is appreciated (F), July 2011







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