You probably stumbled across this page because you were looking for an editor. That’s what I do, and I am awesome at it. Truly. I’m also a damn good writer.

I spent 23 years as a full-time print and online journalist, and still string occasionally. My favorite editing projects are fiction, particularly dystopia and horror, but I rock at numerous nonfiction projects as well.

Here’s my usual spiel:

I have been a full-time editor for 27 years, with experience in business and marketing materials, public policy reports, scientific white papers, travel guides, self-help and personal development programs, spiritual guides, health education programs, newspapers, blog posts and academic articles. I pay meticulous attention to detail while preserving the author’s unique voice. A U.S. native speaker, I also am well versed in UK English and have completed numerous projects for Australian clients.

I have excellent language skills, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and word choice. In addition to correcting any mechanical problems, I will make certain your text flows smoothly and logically. My usual method is to provide tracked and clean edited versions, with detailed comments where necessary.

If you’re asking me to edit fiction, it’s largely the same except…

I will make certain your novel flows smoothly and logically, with clear and compelling plot lines and characters. … My usual method is to provide tracked and clean edited versions, with specific and constructive comments where needed. A good match is essential, so I will be happy to edit a brief sample at no cost.

What else? Well, as a longtime journalist, I know AP style cold. I also am well versed in APA and the Chicago Manual of Style. And I work with a few clients who have internal style sheets and follow those quite nicely, thank you. If I’m speaking Greek here and you need a company style established, whether for language or document design, I can do that, too. I spent 20+ years building newspaper pages, so in addition to the usual Word and Excel, I’m quite handy with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. I’ve even been known to build the occasional website or take over WordPress maintenance.

What DON’T I do? I will NOT write academic papers or have anything to do with erotica that is nonconsensual. They’re both just wrong. Anything else is on the table.

What do I charge? It depends on what you need. Proofreading costs less than editing for plot and character development, for example. Writing from source material is less expensive than having me conduct research. And while my prices are fairly reasonable, they’re never going to be the cheapest around. The easiest way to find out is to send me your project and ask. Don’t worry, I’ll never reveal it to others or claim it as my own work, although if that’s something you’re freaked about I’ll sign an NDA to ease your mind.

Do you need to live in or near Bay City? Heck, no. Most of my clients I never meet in person. Some regulars live on continents I’ve never visited.

People I don’t know already should expect to pay two-thirds up front. People who don’t like that idea can instead post their project and invite me to it through one of the three online boards through which I work and get some built-in protection and mediation, but the prices will be higher because then I have to pay their fees as well, and those range from 8.95% to 20%.

Want to talk to me about your project? Drop me a line.

My personal blog, Beth’s Planet, is over here. Fair warning: I post lots of pet and plant photos.